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“Style is very different from fashion. Once you find something that works, keep it.”  - Tom Ford

 “Fashion fades. Style is eternal” – Yves Saint Laurent


Style is an expression of our personalities through how we present ourselves to others. It is about clothing and accessories on the outside, but more importantly it is about confidence in expressing who you really are on the inside. It is a way of showing others what you feel about yourself and what you do. For example, a stay at home mom who goes to gym three times a week will dress very differently in her day to day life than a working woman who goes into the office five days a week.

Your personal style is determined by things such as your personality, lifestyle, age, body shape, living environment and your own personal taste. While you might require outfits for work, weekends, recreation and sport, your style choice should generally be consistent in order to maximise the use of the items in your wardrobe and to combine them more effectively.

Knowing what clothing is appropriate for your age, figure or the occasion is important. While many people do not “dress up” anymore, there is no need to look sloppy or unkempt. Just because you prefer casual clothing doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. Going to the theatre no longer requires a long evening gown or attending a church service doesn’t mean you have to wear a smart dress or hat anymore, but occasions give you the opportunity to get out your smarter, dressier items of clothing and put them together in new ways.

Working wardrobes can vary from smart casual to eclectic, from chic separates to corporate suits. It all depends on what you do and your style personality. Someone working for a catering company or horse stables will dress differently from another who is a jewellery designer, advertising executive or CEO. But whatever you do, you need to present yourself professionally in order for people to take you seriously and want to use your services rather than the next persons. This includes how you project yourself through your posture, speech and your clothing.

So with just a few basic rules you can look much more presentable than if you don’t follow them. It should go without saying, but some people forget these little things – like having clean hair and nails, without chipped old polish, fresh breath, a good skin care routine, ironing and mending your clothing and having clean shoes. Even if you don’t like wearing makeup, adding a bit of mascara and lipstick or gloss will brighten you up. Earrings, a necklace or bracelets and a handbag will finish off any style outfit. Then just smile and stand up straight!

There are numerous style types, including:


-          Classic / Conservative – traditional, tailored, timeless, conservative styles


-          Urban Chic / Sophisticate – sophisticated, understated, flawless styles in quality fabrics


-          Natural / Earthy – informal, casual, no-fuss styles in natural fibres and easy care fabrics


-          Romantic / Feminine – softly structured styles in flowing fabrics


-          Trendy / Fashionista – the latest look of the season


-          Creative / Eclectic – daring, funky, unconventional colour, pattern and style combinations


-          Dramatic / Bombshell – bold, glamorous, sexy, fitted styles in clingy or structured fabrics


-          Sporty / Active – generally worn whilst exercising or commuting to gym, dance class, sports events etc. Track tops and bottoms, trainers, sports brands, athletic styles.





Reese Witherspoon is an Urban

 Chic / Sophisticate










Charlize Theron is also an Urban Chic / Sophisticate but more edgy.









Julia Roberts is Natural / Earthy








Vivienne Westwood and Gwen Stefani are Creative / Eclectic







Nicole Kidman is a
Romantic / Feminine





Scarlett Johansson and Dita von Teese are Bombshells



See whether you can tell which style type best fits you or which you would like to aspire to. Cheers until next time.


Arlene Tyler – The Style Company







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